The real mail order bride industry’s purpose explained

It’s not a secret that a big stigma has surrounded the mail order bride business already a few decades. And still, the mail order bride industry prospers. Why do men still manage to order young and gorgeous women overseas? Why do girls really add themselves to such “catalogs” to be owned by a man from the other side of the world? Let’s find out.

The roots of the mail order bride business

Let’s dive into the very beginning. Many people would be surprised at how long the mail order bride industry has been around!

Casket brides

In world history, mail-order brides have a long story, including several examples in American history. Louis XV transported French ladies to the New Orleans region. At the beginning of the 18th century, they resided there as companions for men who had already made their homes there.

They were referred to as “casket brides” since each lady was only permitted to carry one trunk full of belongings. And then, in the 19th century, American men in the West would write to family members on the East Coast to ask for help finding a woman for marriage.

How has the industry changed?

The mail order bride industry saw a significant transformation in the 1990s. The Internet and electronic mail have replaced print catalogs and old-school correspondence. In the United States, there were hundreds of websites where thousands of women were reportedly advertising their availability as foreign brides!

The real mail order bride industry

Towards whom the business is geared today?

Times, conditions, and people’s needs have drastically changed since the 1990s. Who is the main audience of the industry, what men are striving to meet the mail order bride, and what women are enrolling themselves into such a venture?

Men, looking for a bride abroad

Primarily, there are various categories of users one can encounter on international dating sites. When discussing men, we can identify three main types, all of whom share a common trait: financial stability and a solid income.

  • Businessmen who have no time to build a relationship or prefer to meet a woman of a particular appearance, age, and nationality.
  • Wealthy enthusiasts, men from 27-60, looking for the woman of their dream.
  • Rich guys who gave up on local women and/or have no possibility to date girls in their country.
The real mail order bride industry

Girls, becoming mail-order brides

With girls, we have a more ambiguous situation. Women have so many reasons to marry a man they have known for such a short time. Technically, all of them are looking for possibilities and just a better life.

  • Women are looking to flee their dangerous, economically unstable country.
  • Ladies are looking to leave behind stern customs, limiting their lives and rights.
  • Girls are looking to move to a much more developed country for better living conditions or to realize their business ideas.
  • Brides find foreign men more caring, understanding, sophisticated, and intelligent.
  • Women are just curious about dating a man from the US, the UK, or Europe.

What are the perks of dating a mail order bride?

This is not only about how different and intelligent girls abroad may be. The fact is that if there are opportunities, a person decides to settle with a foreign bride.

  • You can choose any nation and any girl from it, including appearance, life goals, lifestyle, and so on.
  • You can forget about building relationships in person, spending a lot of time on a woman who may turn out is not a match for you.
  • Age is not an issue for a mail order bride.
  • You may find a complete match by browsing through the millions of profiles.
The real mail order bride industry

Where can you meet a bride for yourself?

This is much easier than you may think. The main role here will be the budget you’re planning to spend on your potential wife. Let’s see the details!

Dating websites for mail-order brides

With an intention to find a wife and without a need to cross the borders, you may turn to the matchmaking services. The service list has a dozen female profiles that you can interact with. Technically, it’s a regular social media site where you have to pay to be able to communicate with foreign women. What else can you do there:

  • Using built-in translating services to speak with foreign ladies.
  • Send real presents, ordering them through the catalog.
  • Communicate via video-chat, camshare and instant messaging.
  • Set dates.

How to wrap up a profile?

Your profile’s quality will decide your chances here. So, you better cut some time to wrap your profile decently! Here’s how you can do that:

The real mail order bride industry
  • Set up a fine picture. Make sure it’s of good quality and that your face isn’t covered with sunglasses or a hat!
  • Make your profile highly inclusive. It has to communicate your background, your intentions on the website, and also your bad and good habits.
  • Decide who you are looking for. What country? What nationality? What appearance, habits, aims, interests, and preferences? Mention all of this as well.
  • Don’t lie about your age or the presence of children. It makes no sense, and it may jeopardize your future relationship.

How to get along with girls quickly?

On such a website, you’d have quite a rival. Girls receive a lot of e-mails and messages from different men. Your first e-mail has to stand out from the crowd of her fans. Thus, let’s understand how we can do so.

  • Begin your letter unusually. You can begin it with a question. Questions create a space for answers. Be creative and engage a mail order bride you like from the very first words.
  • Don’t talk about her appearance. Your stunning woman for marriage hears that a lot, so demonstrate your interest in her inner world, plans for the future, etc.
  • Be nice. No swearing, no indecent words; be polite and patient. And don’t spam.
  • Start your dialogue with “You remember me of…” It is 100% the girl will be intrigued.

How to marry a foreign woman legally?

Want to buy a bride but wonder if it’s legal? Technically, it is. In some countries, it’s not. If you wish to move your girl to your country of residence, you’ll need some time and money.

The procedure of purchasing a woman

First of all, you’ll need to marry her. You have to follow these steps after she becomes your lawful wife:

  1. Apply for a non-immigrant document (K-1 visa).
  2. Pass the commission, proving the purity of your feelings.
  3. Prove the stability of your income and capacity to keep a bride.
  4. Sign an agreement to become a sponsor.

The K-1 visa will cost $300 to $1300 and be approved in six months.

Is online dating with mail-brides a shame?

Internet dating is discouraged by older generations because they view it as silly and unreliable. They don’t know how any of these things operate, which is the cause of their criticism. What is more reasonable: developing a connection with a total stranger you don’t know but met on the street or dating someone you met online based on mutual interests and life goals?